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The Revolutionary Musings of an 18th century lass

28 September 1976
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Greetings and Hail all ye who enter this page
I'm Maggie( AkA Lady Maggie, Mairead Ni Domnhall) 32 year old kindergarden teacher and returning college student( proving you;re never too old to chase the dream).. technically a senior @ Felician College in NJ, majoring in Elementary Education and ( you guessed it) History!! I'm a voratious reader, a dedicated( and sometimes daft) reeanctor with the 2nd NJ Helm's Company, a Revolutionary War reenacting unit. This means simply that I spend my weekends( and all my spare $) dressing up in 18thc costume, doing everything from cooking the "troops" dinner over a campfire to attending balls( though my persona is more lower middle class tradesperson). History is my passion and through this hobby, I can actually step into the shoes of our founding fathers and mothers.. after all, how else can you sleep in the actual huts, forts and barracks in which our ancestors slept( and YES they are damned cold in winter! ). I'm a lover of all things Celtic & Wiccan as well. I'm also something of a writer who's trying to get back into the swing of things. I'd love to hear from other writers, history buffs( espeically those into the Revolutionary and Civil War periods) and reenactors. So drop a line and say hi

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